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Master of Business Administration in Health Care Services
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In  today's  highly competitive and rapidly evolving healthcare market, healthcare professionals
and  managers  need  more  than  just  medical  training to succeed. This course is designed to
equip  healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills and educational expertise necessary
to  master  modern  business  principles  which are necessary in solving complexities, arising in
health  services  organizations  and  to  help  these  professionals  advance  in  their careers in
healthcare industry.

The primary objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To decentralize management authority to hospital level.
  • To strengthen  implementation of hospital service data set and produce guidelines on hospital  boards and
    step down facilities
  • To  determine  the  hospital  needs of the population and to ensure that optimum  is  made of the hospital
    services and clinics
  • To  plan for  and  to  co-ordinate  appropriate  hospital  service  development  within  the  hospital, to  be
    responsible for all departments, including the quality of care given therein, and being entrusted with their
    detailed  management  until  the  changes  necessary  to  suitably  delegate  authority  to  lower  levels  of
    management are fully effected
  • To enforce the institutional health legislation
  • To liaise  with the Director, Pharmaceutical Services with respect to pharmaceuticals, medical equipment
    and other disposable supplies


3 year graduation or equivalent


2 years (4 semesters)
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