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Master of Science in Information Technology
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The MSc-IT  program   is   aimed   at  designing  and  implementing   advanced  traditional
computing  environment.  IT  architecture  is  an integrated framework for acquiring  and
evolving IT to achieve strategic goals. It has both 'logical' and 'technical' components. The
logical  components  include  mission,  functional and informational requirements, system
configurations and information flows. The technical components include IT standards and
rules  that  will  be used to implement the logical architecture. It therefore includes both
computing and communication network technology in the same world.
The primary objectives of the program are as follows:

  • To equip Post Graduate students with an integrated set of skills that will allow them to develop their
    professional careers in Information Technology
  • To equip students with the theoretical and practical knowledge that is necessary to enable them to
    understand the design of complex applications/science
  • The program also prepares students to embrace future developments in the field and has demonstrated
    professional relevance.
  • The program helps the students to acquire the latest skills and build their future capabilities using world-
    class technology
  • Dexterity in advanced programming languages, power to build sophisticated software for a wide area of
  • Skills to work with higher end applications in internet technologies; also managerial ability to analyze,
    design, develop and to maintain software development.


3 year graduation or equivalent


2 years (4 semesters)
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