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About ACCA

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) was founded in 1904. Today, it is one of the world’s
leading  and  fastest-growing  international  accountancy  organisations, with  362,000  students  and  131,500
members across 170 countries.

ACCA  is  a  
professional  accountancy  qualification  which  benefits  from global recognition. Once you qualify,
ACCA membership opens  doors  to  a successful career in accountancy  practice  or finance, and increases your
earning potential. It  is  highly  regarded  in  the  fields  of  banking, management  and  consulting, and provides
a  major  advantage  in  competing  for  senior roles. ACCA membership also enables you to obtain the status of
Registered Auditor.

LSBF  has  worked  very  closely  with  ACCA  to  provide its students  with  quality  programmes- and has been
awarded with
ACCA Gold Status 2007, 2008 and 2009.

ACCA Online (by LSBF)

With ACCA  online  you  can  build  your  study  schedule  around  your work and personal schedule; giving you
complete flexibility. Using our
InterActive online  platform, you  can study  for  your  ACCA  qualification  100%
online, meaning you  gain an internationally recognised qualification, while having the freedom to mould your
studies around your lifestyle.

InterActive is  not only a first-class online platform, but it also acts as an invaluable learning and communication
resource for LSBF students across the world. Join LSBF's global network and share ideas and theories with other
ACCA students from around the world. You can  also view a wide range of other valuable study materials such as
lecture  notes, past  exams  papers, and  our  virtual  information  centre, while  also
 having  full  access  to the
complete ACCA syllabus; recorded in stunning high definition video

LSBF will give you the tools you need to succeed.

Full flexibility – In Class and Online LSBF will help you capture success wherever you are. All of our classes are
video recorded so you have the option to catch up on what you have missed anytime, anywhere at your own

Full syllabus in HD recorded video lectures The entire ACCA syllabus is available to view in HD recorded video
lectures via our
multi-award winning InterActive online learning platform.
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