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Online MBA

The  Online  MBA  programme  delivers  LSBF's world-class MBA through the pioneering InterActive online study
platform. An  innovative  and  highly  relevant  programme, the  MBA  is  structured to respond to the needs of
the  modern  international  marketplace  with  a  blend of the academic and practical skills you need to excel in
strategic decision-making roles.

Developed in association with our corporate and educational partners, the MBA programme closely reflects the
needs  of modern business. Moreover, the syllabus is regularly reviewed to ensure that it stays up-to-date with
the  most  recent  developments. As  an  online  student  you'll  follow  the  same syllabus and receive the same
educational experience as the on-campus MBA.

Who is the online MBA for?

The online  MBA  offers  complete flexibility and is designed for ambitious managers who need the freedom to
study around their existing work and life commitments. As it's delivered through the
InterActive platform, you
can study at your own pace and you can learn online anytime, from anywhere in the world.

You  control  the  pace  of  your  learning, and  the  MBA  rewards  you  at  the  end of each term. You'll receive
qualifications throughout the programme allowing you to monitor your progress with a demonstrable record of
your achievement.

What will you learn?

The  online  MBA  provides a carefully developed syllabus that reflects the international marketplace combining
the  latest  in  management  theory  with the practical skills that modern employers want. It's a challenging and
intensive programme that takes in fundamentals like finance, strategic marketing, operations management and
HR with emphasis on building the tangible skills that will easily translate into the workplace.

Study at your own pace

Studying online through the InterActive platform allows you to work at your own pace, catch up when you need
to, revisit  topics  and  ensure that you absorb all the benefits of the programme without worrying about a rigid
timetable. While  you  can  access  your  studies  from  anywhere  in  the  world, you'll also experience the same
educational  experience  that  you  would  enjoy  on campus. Through live classrooms, regular Q&A sessions and
forums, you  can  interact  with  your  lecturers  and  fellow students. You'll also have access to the global online
LSBF community allowing you to network with like-minded ambitious students from around the world.
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