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Manipal Education Launches EduNxt - a new Technology infused Learning System that
will Transforn Distributed Learning in India
Posted May 13th, 2009 by Anitha

Manipal Education, a pioneering force in Higher Education, today announced the launch of its next generation
learning system - EduNxt – a new Technology infused Learning System that will transform Distributed Learning in

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Manipal Education Launches EduNxt

Mumbai, 12th May 2009: Manipal Education, a pioneering force in Higher Education, today announced the launch
of  its  next generation learning system - EduNxt – a new Technology infused Learning System that will transform
Distributed Learning in India.

Affordable and easy to use, EduNxt enables a collaborative and interactive environment for learning and includes
small group mentoring, virtual classrooms, simulation and other interactive content, self-study content, recorded
presentations  and  shared  browsing. This innovation from Manipal Education thus shifts the Education paradigm
from being ‘faculty-centric’  to  a  ‘learner-centric’ environment. Infusing technology into both teaching delivery
and  learning  enablement,  EduNxt  empowers  students  with  anywhere ,  anytime  access.  Students  will  now
experience a ‘portable campus’,  ‘carry along mentors’ and  will have access to over one million online books and
journals – all at their fingertips!

EduNxt will be launched first for  Sikkim Manipal University’s Distance Education (SMU - DE) students in July 2009.
EduNxt combines academic rigor and a personalised learning environment with SMU – DE’s hybrid learning delivery
system with its flexibility, convenience  and  accessibility to offer a first of its kind learning environment in India.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Anand Sudarshan, CEO, Manipal Education said, “EduNxt is truly transformational and
has the potential to change higher education in India.  It  has  the  power  to  scale and provide highly affordable
access  to  quality  education  to  aspirants  even  in  far-flung  areas  of  the  country,  thus achieving geographic
inclusivity. We  see  this  innovation  providing  significant  impetus  to  the  higher  education  enrolment  rate ,
employability and positively influence the economy of our country.”

Manipal  Education  is  partnering  with  Microsoft, BSNL and netbook OEM suppliers in an effort to provide quality
affordable education coupled with computer access and connectivity, enabling an enriching personalized learning
experience for all its students.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Corporation Pvt Ltd, said, “India’s emergence as a global
technology center  is  the direct result of its strong education system. At Microsoft, we have always believed that
education is the foundation  for  opportunity  and  success.  One  of  our  most  important commitments is to help
deliver  high-quality  educational  materials  to  those  who  lack  access  to  teachers  and  resources. The EduNXT
distance  learning  platform  is  a  great  example  of  how  information  technology  can  extend the reach of great
educational  resources.  We  look  forward  to  continuing  to  work  with Manipal Education to expand educational
opportunities in India.”

Adding  to  this,  Mr. Ravi  Venkatesan,  Chairman,  Microsoft  India,  said “India  has the largest education system
in  the world, but  it will never  be large enough for us to reach every student in every corner of the country. The
answer is not to wait until we have enough teachers – but to increase the impact of the teachers that we do have
today. Distance  education  is  one of the answers, as is implementing other technological solutions. Education in
India has a chance of being transformed if various players, public and private, come together.”

The  addition  of  EduNxt,  the  next  generation technology infused learning system to Sikkim Manipal University’s
hybrid Distance Education learning delivery model is bound to have a far-reaching positive impact on aspirants and
students in the distance education sector in India.

About Manipal Education

Manipal Education is a pioneering and leading academic & education services provider in India. With over 50 years
of  steadfast  focus  in the  field of Education,the group provides education services across all genres. The group’s
presence  includes  3  universities -  Manipal  University,  Sikkim  Manipal  University,  and  American  University of
Antigua - and over 30 institutions in India, besides colleges & campuses in Antigua, Dubai, Malaysia & Nepal.

In  addition  to  formal  university  programmes  delivered  through  5  campuses  in  India  &  4  overseas, Manipal
Education  also  has  a  range  of education offerings in Distance Education, Professional & Skills Education across
multiple  genres,  as  well  as  industry  leading  partnerships  such  as  the  ICICI  Manipal  Academy for Banking (in
association with ICICI Bank).

Manipal  Education  has  strategic  investments  in  emerging  companies, including U21Global - the world's premier
online  graduate  school  based  out  of  Singapore,  and  MeritTrac  -  India’s  Largest  Skills Assessment & Testing

About SMU-DE

Sikkim  Manipal  University, a  unique public-private initiative between the Govt. of Sikkim and Manipal Education,
offers Post Graduate, Graduate, Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma programs across 10 disciplines. The disciplines
include  Allied  Health,  IT,  Mass Communication, Biotechnology, Fashion Design, Hospitality, Telecom, Commerce
and Management.

SMU,  a  state  University, is recognized by the UGC, Ministry of HRD and is a member of the Associations of Indian
Universities.  The  Distance  Education Council has granted recognition to all Distance Education programs offered
under  the  aegis  of  SMU (Sikkim Manipal University). The SMU Directorate of Distance Education is ISO 9001:2000

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Priya Manikkath
Manager – Public Relations
Manipal Education
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