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SMU Unique Features
The thrust of Manipal into the forefront of education - today Manipal is known as the International University
students  a  culture of quality, responsibility and dedication that form motivated individuals, forward thinkers
with diversified competences.

Our unique  mix  of  differentiating  features  as  below  makes  us one of the topmost educational centres of
excellence with international recognition:

The Manipal Group

    A world renowned group in the ICT field and has been a major contributor to the success story of India as
    a world leader in the ICT field today .

The Learning Resource Development Centre

    A  specialised  centre  brought  up by the Manipal Group to produce up-to-date course materials for the
    distant SMU centres. Up-to-date movement along with fast-paced industry evolution is one of the most
    distinguishing and differentiating features of Manipal.

The Universal Information Authentication System

    This allows the authentication of Sikkim Manipal University degree certificates from anywhere in the world
    for verification.

Philips, GE, Infosys and Wipro

    Among top industry leaders partnering with Manipal to develop up-to-date industry-relevant materials for
    the modern world of work.

High Quality Course Materials

    Provided to students as a tool for high quality education.

High Quality Faculty

    From India and Mauritius have been teamed up to ensure quality lectures and coaching.

High Flexibility

    This caters for the needs of different groups allowing students and working professionals to confidently
    move along at their own pace in accordance with their own capabilities and time availability.

Lateral Entry
    This allows exemption of students, holding acceptable prior qualification, from certain modules/semesters
    of Manipal degree courses.

Modular Semester System
    This allows open entry and open exit ; a student may leave after a semester and join later to follow the
    next semester.
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