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Our Universities and Institutions

Sikkim Manipal University

The Sikkim  Manipal  University  of  Health,  Medical  and  Technological  Sciences  (SMU), Gangtok is incorporated
under  the  State  Legislative  Act  (Act IX of 1995)  of the Government of Sikkim. It is recognized by the Union of
Ministry of Human Resource Development  and  by  the  University  Grants  Commission. SMU's Degrees/ Diplomas
/Certificates  are  recognized  by  all  members  of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with
Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates of all Indian Universities/Deemed Universities/Institutions vide UGC Circular No
FI-B/92 (CPP) dated February 1992 & AIU Circular No EV/B(449)/94/176915-177115 dated January 1994.

The University  in India  is  located  8  km (5 miles) before (below) Gangtok, on the National Highway (NH) 31A, at
a place called Tadong 5 mile. It is about 4 km after (above) Ranipool, overlying the river Ranikhola.

It is one of the most well known universities in India imparting distance education in various disciplines.

The University was set up in partnership between the Manipal Education and Medical Group and the Government
of  Sikkim  with  the  objective  of  offering  quality education to students and working professionals. Apart from
regular  on-site  courses, the  University  offers  many  career  oriented  courses  via  distance  education.  These
courses  are  offered  as  part  of  its  effort  to  bring  education  to  the  masses,  fulfill  the growing demand for
professionals.  Manipal  Universal  Learning,  which is the Learning Resource Development Center (LRDC) for SMU,
delivers these programs.

The courses  include  Master's, Bachelor's, Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma programs. Twinning programs have
also  been  launched  in  collaboration with IT organizations. The  main  advantage that distance education offers
students  is  in providing requirement-based and career-oriented programs while making flexible course offerings,
delivery  systems  and  processes. The University uses a string nationwide network of Learning Centers to Deliver
its programs. This enables a student to choose a Learning Center that is easily accessible to him/her.

London School of Business and Finance

A unique  educational  institution, London  School  of  Business  &  Finance  offers industry-focussed programmes
designed  to  reflect  global  market  trends. LSBF attracts the most talented and ambitious candidates from more
than  150 countries worldwide, and we work with our corporate partners to develop programmes structured with
an  international  perspective  in mind. LSBF offers an unrivalled portfolio of professional qualifications, as well as
innovative degree programmes at postgraduate and undergraduate level, with the flexibility to tailor your studies
to your own career aspirations.

Relevant: We  regularly  review  our  curriculum  and  we  work closely with our educational partners and industry
leaders  to  develop  programmes  that  meet  the  needs  of  the  current marketplace. Working with some of the
biggest  names  in  industry,  and  training three of the "big four" largest accounting companies, we remain at the
forefront of the evolving business environment.

International: With LSBF, the  world  is  your  campus.  We  attract  the  brightest  and  best  from more than 150
countries  worldwide,  giving  you  access  to  a  vast  global  alumni  network. We have an international presence
that  spans  across Asia, Europe and the Americas; so with LSBF you're never far away from a world-class business

Innovative: Innovations  like  our Dual Programmes, combining academic degrees with professional qualifications,
keep  us  ahead  of  the  field  and  give you a vital competitive edge. You can also take advantage of our unique
online study platform InterActive, which puts you in control of your studies. Interact with students and lecturers
in real-time,  catch  up  with  studio-quality lectures and benefit from the same first-class education at any time,
from anywhere in the world.
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