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About Us

About Global Learning

Global Learning was created in 2004 with the following the following vision, mission and aim:

Achieving such a daring objective demands a very selective choice of proven and world-leading institutions; and
it is  in  this  context  that  Global Learning has proudly partnered with two prestigious, world-renowned
references, the Sikkim Manipal University and the London School of Business and Finance.

Today, Global Learning provides learning opportunities at Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate levels in a number
of fields to professionals working in almost all sectors of the economy.

Global Learning Managing Director

Suresh Munbodh has  a  very  wide  experience  in  the  field  of  education  as  he  has  been  involved with the
development of education at all levels. He was the Secretary, amongst others, to the Commission of Enquiry on
Pre-primary and Primary Education, the first Education Award Committee, the Committee which recommended
the setting up of the Tertiary Education Commission; the  Coordinator  and Head of  the  Lycée  Polytechnique.  
He  created  and  established  the  Industrial  and  Vocational  Training  Board  before launching Global Learning.

Global Learning, a  University  Centre, was  set  up to do education differently from the beginning.  Over  a  very
short span of time it has moved from providing education through distance learning to a system which promotes
the ‘smart way to learn.’  Today it is proud to say that it is providing some 20 different job related courses at a
very affordable cost to the learners. Together with its partners it has won several awards in higher education at
the international level.

Global  Learning, as  from  this  year, is launching new courses in accounting and finance in partnership with the
London School of Business and Finance and the University of Wales.

Global Learning is always at the forefront in the use of technology to promote the “SMART WAY TO LEARN’.
    "To achieve excellence in Human Development within the global context."

    "To provide high-quality, effective and efficient  education  and training to meet the desired needs
    of a dynamic world."

    To produce highest quality top-notch professionals who will excel in competence, be it locally or at
    international  level;  this  is  of  utmost  importance  today as the world changes into a global village
    where competition is no more at local level but at global level.
Award of Certificates function 2010 with Dr. the Hon. Rajesh Jeetah, Minister of Tertiary Education (centre,
sitting left) and Mr Suresh Munbodh, Managing Director of Global Learning (centre, sitting right)
Suresh Munbodh
B.Sc.Hons.(Lond), PGDE, MSc ( UEA), FRSC, CCHEM, CSci, Specialist  Educational  Planning and
Also a Fellow: EDF,  EDI - World  Bank  and  Operation  Crossroads   Africa, a USAID and a
Commonwealth Scholar.
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